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InstaMaids is a Singapore-based licensed employment agency founded on central tenets of honesty, trust, reliability, efficiency and value. We specialise in FDWs from diverse backgrounds and geographical representations and will go the distance to ensure a hand in glove fit for all parties. InstaMaids strongly believes that the interests of our clients are of utmost importance and being best-in-class entails caring out thorough due diligence on FDWs before introducing them to prospective employers. This includes stringent interviews and accurate bio data, proper orientation/pre-training by experienced incumbents on day-to-day chores, detailed back-ground checks and dutiful follow-ups/support throughout the employment tenors of FDWs and after.

At InstaMaids, we pride ourselves at being able to provide a comprehensive range of domestic services and pay attention to minute details so that client satisfaction is almost always achieved. The team also believes in a one-stop shop mentality meaning employers can expect to enquire, apply, vett and hire at their convenience without leaving their doorsteps. Whether it is an infant needing tender care or an elder requiring special attention, you can be sure that we have the right effective customised solution to meet your unique needs. We aim to foster long and enduring relationships with both clients and FDWs alike via strong reputation and delivering consistent exceptional results.

In a relatively short period of time, InstaMaids has garnered many positive reviews from customers with a large number pledging to recommend our services and to engage us again. Compliments range from speed and quality of response to tough situations, strength of knowledge regarding employment rules and regulations, quality and affordability, non-exploitation and diligence, always having a premium pool of FDWs to simply serving with a smile. The ultimate mission of the team at InstaMaids is to be the GO-TO employment agency of choice not only for FDWs but eventually for all types of foreign workers looking for better opportunities abroad. We will always be good listeners to potential employers and will never compromise on anything but the best. Our mantra of fulfilled employers, happy maids and a job well done at InstaMaids will always lead the way in Singapore and beyond!

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